Activities in Dandeli

Tourist Place in Dandeli

white water-raftingWhite Water Rafting

Rafting on the Kali river in Dandeli is one of the exciting adventure activities you can enjoy in Dandeli. Mother Kali is more favorable in this regard, providing a good number of rapids to give the beams a difficult task. Rafting in Dandeli takes place in the stretch from 8 to 12 km along the Kali river, wherever you are. This activity depends only on the water level of the river and the administration of the tourist centers organizes this act.


The kayak is made in a long boat called a kayak. You always have the candle and you have the opportunity to visit the small islands. Your movements will be monitored and, if you need help, immediate help will be provided.

jacuzzi-bathNatural Jacuzzi Bath

The bathroom with a hot tub is an activity in which water with great force in the rapids falls on the body and provides a natural healing therapy. This is only available in some places where rivers are present and fast. He is taken to that particular place in a boat or in a coracle and is allowed to remain seated for a period of time until he moves and relaxes. It is one of the natural activities you can enjoy in the river water.

jungle safari-drtJungle Safari

The jungle safari is done in an open jeep that takes place in the forest department office with expert guides. They take you to the forest by jeep in a thick forest where you have the opportunity to observe some wild animals and birds. Sometimes it is possible to detect some species of animals in danger of extinction, such as large cats and uriniferous animals, which depend on luck.



burma bridgeBurma Bridge Ride

bird watching-drtBird Watching

Bird watching is usually done early in the morning, which is a good time to watch the birds come out looking for food. It takes good patience in this activity for the acute observation of birds. There are about 400 species of birds. In short, it is a paradise for birds. For the bird watcher it is a paradise.

crock treking-drtCrock trek

Jungle TrekkingJungle Trekking

Usually, this is done early in the morning, which is really good for your health and you have twice the chance of breathing fresh air to fill your lungs and another is learning more about nature being closer to you. it. Sometimes, you can observe some rare species of animals, reptiles and birds if you’re lucky in the morning.

elephant intractionElephant interaction

night campingNigth Campaigning 

This is a natural activity that takes place in an open area. You can experience the exotic touch and see the nocturnal atmosphere of the forests. Night camps are organized in the jungle, where hot and delicious dishes are served sitting around a bonfire or dancing around is a great experience.

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