Bison River Resort – Dandeli

Bison River Resort Dandeli is a river resort run by an Indian wildlife adventure. The picturesque places with the Kali river flowing down and the beautiful jungle hills full of fresh green vegetables are proof of the magnificence of nature’s splendours. The calm and composed atmosphere of the resort with its splendid luxury rooms, the cabins are an attraction and a new experience for you. It offers a wide range of water sports and wildlife, along with some good tourist spots.

Most people who intend to go to the jungle resort of Dandeli have this in mind to enjoy the tranquility and see their families enjoy the different activities. In recent years, it is the potential of this Dandeli tourism that will give a new face to the tourism industry in Karatataka.

The experienced and well-trained guide of the resort will train you for all the activities, no doubt you will feel that this is one of the best wildlife resorts. The Bison River resort in Dandeli offers a variety of delicious and delicious cosines. The dishes of the north and south according to the choice of tourists served with style and more elegant with a friendly smile on their face.

Bison River Resort

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