White Rapid River Resort – Dandeli

White Fast River Resort Dandeli is a river-side resort near the rapids where the color of the water is milky. This complex has a good view of the flow of the Kali river during speed creation. The activities offered by this resort are adventurous and exciting. The picturesque places with the Kali river flowing down and the bird songs make this resort a special stay. Tourists can rest and relax in the comfortable rooms.

Adventurers can take a trip to the Kali River, where you can go kayaking, canoeing and cross the river. Staying in this complex seems a paradisiacal experience, since worldly concern seems to be far away.

When you stay at this resort together, you will experience something new. The living room includes quality food prepared by an expert chef specializing in vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. People visiting this White River River dandelion are satisfied with their stay and enjoy the atmosphere along with the delicious food offered.

White Rapid River Resort
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